Quality policy

Quality Policy of Vip World Events

It is defined in the Quality Manual in general as:

A.- It is adequate for the purposes of the company, achieving the continuous improvement of its work processes and customer satisfaction, loyalty to them, through the implementation of a Quality Management System in their work.

B.- The commitment to comply with the requirements required by the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, the ones specified and not specified by the clients and the legal and regulatory ones, is delimited through the application of the Quality Policy contained in its Manual and in the Procedures developed, as well as the identification of the processes to carry out the work.

C.- According to the defined purposes, it contemplates the establishment of a frame of reference to establish the Quality Objectives and by the System of Review by the Management reviews those Objectives, making its follow-up from the Quality Department, with the measurement of the themselves through their indicators with their results scheduled for the current year.

D.- Through the control and monitoring instruments defined in the Quality Manual and Procedures, a continuous adaptation is maintained to the Quality Objectives, the continuous improvement and the satisfaction of the clients.

E.- Maintain continuous contact with their suppliers, evaluating them continuously, to avoid rejections and non-conformities in the relations between both parties.

F.- With the best control of the processes to avoid possible claims in the work done, obtaining in this way a greater satisfaction of the clients.

G.- Adapt our services to the needs of the market to improve the satisfaction of our customers.

H.- Achieve maximum profitability in our services without reducing the quality of them.